Director of Facilities

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Date Posted: 9/5/2017
Job Number: 5500484
Category: Clinical Operations
Employment Type: Full-Time
Region: Downtown Chicago
Site Name: Fulton Administrative Office
Site Address: 600 W. Fulton Street., Suite 200
Chicago, IL

Access Community Health Network (ACCESS) continually seeks new talent to join and contribute to the organization’s strategic goals and accomplishments.

For more than 20 years, ACCESS has been on the frontlines of community-based health care. As one of the nation’s largest federally qualified health center (FQHC) organizations, our mission is to provide outstanding preventive and primary health care. Working both within community settings beyond the health center walls as well as within over 40 health center locations across the greater Chicago area, ACCESS physicians, nurse practitioners, midwives and other providers work hand in hand with outreach staff, case managers, social workers and substance abuse counselors to offer integrated preventive care, chronic disease management, behavioral health and support services. ACCESS has close to 300 medical providers and 600,000 patient visits annually and we deliver over 3200 babies annually.

Position Functions:

Provide leadership for the strategic planning and maintenance of all Access Real Estate, leases, and properties. Prepare long range and annual facility planning, facility financial forecasting, preparing Real Estate acquisitions/ or disposal.  Coordinate work specifications, installation and space management; architectural and engineering, planning and design; new construction and/or renovation; maintenance and operations management; telecommunications integration, security and general administrative services.


Responsible for the maintenance, construction, security and purchasing services at Access Community Health Network.  Responsible for the environment of care and all of its major components: Life Safety, safety, Security, Hazardous materials and wastes, emergency preparedness, medical equipment and utility systems.


Provide leadership and management for the Facility staff; maintenance technicians, team leaders and Facility managers. Serve as an effective and key collaborator with Senior leadership and Regional leadership.

Serve as the main contact for Access with multiple vendors, architects, construction.


Characteristic duties and responsibilities: 


  1. Exceptional Project Management Skills and Capabilities

  2. Ensure safety management plan is implemented for the organization;

  3. Ensure security management plan is implemented for the organization;

  4. Plan, Develop, implement and maintain a Real Estate plan for the organization

  5. Plan, develop, implement, and maintain a system for lease management.

  6. Ensure hazard surveillance program is implemented for the organization;

  7. Develop, implement, and maintain an emergency preparedness management plan;

  8. Develop, implement, and maintain a purchase service program for facilities and construction.

  9. Develop, implement and maintain a medical and non-medical equipment plan and program;

  10. Develop, implement and maintain a utility system management plan and program;

  11. Responsible for managing the inspection, testing and maintenance process;

  12. Responsible for establishing and maintaining a preventive maintenance program for all equipment (medical and -non-medical) and utility systems;

  13. Overall responsibilities for inventory control of all equipment and utility systems;

  14. Develop, implement and maintain a hazardous material and Waste Management Program;

  15. Maintain all required regulatory records for maintenance, construction, security and purchasing services;

  16. Recommend and facilitate purchase of new and replacement equipment;

  17. Negotiate with vendors for best pricing and quality of purchase service;

  18. Facilitate, leads or participate in staff training for security, medical equipment, life safety, safety and emergency preparedness;

  19. Conduct programs that provide annual evaluations of life safety, safety, emergency preparedness.

Responsible for development and maintenance of a real estate management plan.


Masters in Facility Management, Health Care Administration; MBA; or Architecture.


Assuming the education checked above, how much experience and training would be required to achieve minimum performance on the job:

 1.  Experience needed before starting the job: 5-10 Years


Preferred Qualifications:                                                      

·       Exceptional Project Management skills

·       Leadership skills in leading, managing and inspiring a diverse staff

·       Five to ten years facilities or project management and purchasing experience.

·       Demonstrated track record in meeting planning and design goals.

·       Ability to analyze financial forecasting data.


Minimum Qualifications:

 ·       Five (5) to ten (10) years facilities management and purchasing experience in a health related field; specifically in a managed care environment.

·       Supervisory experience within health care field.

·       Demonstrated ability to conceptualize, plan, document and control a purchase service program.

·       Demonstrated ability to build rapport with internal and external customers.

·       Computer literacy.







Access Community Health Network is an Equal Opportunity Employer

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